5 Dimensions for an accurate diagnosis

This Study helps you understand the experience you offer your users and also gives you clear actionable steps to improve in the short, medium and long term. If you are interested in applying this to your industry, with your own objectives, you can request a custom study or apply it to other cases and take advantage of your competition.

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Digital Banking Experience Report March 2022

Our experts in the area of User Experience as an "Expert Review" have analyzed the top 3 banks in Chile, Colombia and Spain, identifying common usability problems and projecting fixation patterns with Artificial Intelligence from EyeTracking. Know the common failures and learn from them.

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We accompany you and help you improve

Is your site nice? Do you learn from your users? Is it easy to use? Does it inspire confidence? Is it functional? We can apply this study to suit you, evaluating your sales, onboarding, post-sale and use processes. With the personalized report, we help you prioritize tasks to improve the digital experience you offer.