Emotion Recognition What do you inspire in your users?

In our Neurolab we use Facial Recognition software to identify people's emotions when interacting with digital products. We apply Consumer Neuroscience in Customer Experience (CX), User (UX) and Service Design (SD) to measure the emotions of your users.


EyeTracking What do users of your interfaces look at?

Find out what and where they look at on a screen, which elements are most attractive, order and viewing time, and attention fixation. Every pixel counts, discover browsing patterns, attention span times and even the micro-readings that people make.


EEG + EKG + GSR How do your users react?

Discover how much concentration your users use when they interact with your interfaces, whether digital or physical. It triangulates the cognitive and physiological effort that people make with an Electroencephalogram (EEG), Electrocardiogram (EKG) and Galvanic Skin Response (GSR). It is valuable information to complement your EyeTracking, Click Test and Qualitative Exploration evidence.


Implicit Priming Test What do your users associate?

Find out what your customers really think when stimulated by your advertising pieces, interfaces or videos. People make most day-to-day decisions on autopilot, driven by their emotions. By measuring the implicit reaction we can discover the true attitudes of consumers.

Our studios serve to:

USEM in dvertising Media

Advertising Videos

In just 72hrs, discover the types of emotions that your campaigns provoke in your audience

USEM in Emotional Journey Mapping

Navigation flows

Understand the emotions that your products and/or services evoke to improve their experience

USEM in User Interface Design (UI)

User Interfaces (UI)

Test the effectiveness of your interfaces with EyeTracking, EEG and Emotion Recognition on real users

USEM in Online Transactions

Online transactions

Discover the signals that generate mistrust and decrease conversions in your store

USEM in UX Research

User Research

Applies Eye Tracking, IAT, EEG, EKG and GSR to measure biological and emotional responses

USEM in Virtual Reality (VR)

Virtual Reality (VR)

Validate the cognitive and physiological activation of your users with EEG, EKG and GSR

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