Emotional Journey Mapping

Emotional Journey Mapping

Improves consumer experience

Find out what's wrong with your interfaces to establish an emotional bond with your users

With USEM you can identify how your product's strategy interacts with your customers, learning what scares them, dislikes them and creates mistrust.

Remember, relationships are built on trust.


Emotional Benchmark

Do you know how your customers feel about other players?

USEM allows you to understand your clients on an affective level, because the simplest things detonate feelings, positive and negative relationships, which translates to loyalty and fidelity, giving you the keys to improve your service.

Emotional Benchmark

Remote Usability Testing

Validates the spontaneity and honesty of your testers

In HCI, HRI, HMI and UT tasks it is common to find volunteers who lie or overactuate, either by social validation, empathy or simply justify their role as a tester. USEM lets you rate facial expressions and help you eliminate the cognitive bias of your usability studies and user experience.

Remote Usability Testing
Advertising vídeos

Advertising vídeos

Find out the memorability of your videos

All video awakens emotions in its audience, the stimuli detonate memories that are associated with transcendental experiences for the spectator. Smart use of user readings interacting with the media is the key to successful campaigns.

Immersive Virtual Reality

Use VR technology to your profit

USEM is a working model that adapts to all types of environment, covering both analog and digital. The RV is just one more field of application of emotional investigation.
USEM uses biological data from biosencores (EEG and EKG), which are worked on the Emotional Journey Map, allowing the identification of responses to the stimuli of the virtualized environment.

Human-Computer Interaction

Recognizes the emotions of the user

Emotions are the driving force for decision making and the key to successful interaction between a system and people. The technology is cold and logical, therefore, it needs to be humanized by means of the compression of the emotions that the user experiences. USEM allows you to identify these emotions and improve them via Computer Vision.

Human-Robot Interaction

Humanize interactions

USEM identifies users' universal emotions via Computer Vision, enabling them to integrate their technology into ubiquitous domotic and computing interactions, delivering real-time emotion readings, and enhancing the user experience in interactive systems.