User Emotion Analysis<br>

User Emotion Analysis

We are focused on people and daily needs, we are looking for humanize the technology.

We mixes Neurobiology, Cognitive Psychology and Artificial Intelligence to understand human behavior in digital environments. This approach cover a range of applications, from Human-Computer Interaction (HCI, affective Computing, Virtual Reality, Physical Computing, User Experience) to Human-Robot Interaction (HRI), including social research in public spaces and Private.


Professionals dedicated to investigating human behavior

Meet our multidisciplinary team, responsible for the improvements of the User-Emotion Analysis (USEM) model and applications in real research contexts.

Alexis Brantes Rodríguez
Co-Founder - Lead of Research
Affective Computing & Intelligent Interaction (ACII)

MA. Neuroscience. Biological Basis, Diagnosis and Treatment of Mental Disorders - UEMC (ES). DpG Interaction Design & Physical Computing - UDD (CL). BA. Integral Design - UDLA (CL)

Pamela Donoso Oggero
Co-Founder - Lead of Customer Experience Management (CEM)

DpG. Digital Communication and Online Marketing - UDLA (CL). BA. Journalism - UDLA (CL)

Juan José Elizondo
Co-Founder - Lead of Human-Robot Interaction (HRI)

MA. Digital Marketing - Universitat Abat Oliba CEU (ES). DpG. Human-Computer Interaction - UOC (ES). BA. Sociology - UMC (ES). BA. Social Work - UCM (ES)